Commercial sector construction and fitout is TWG’s most active sector. We offer highly competitive construction and joinery packages using our slick, integrated methods for no-nonsense completion on refurbishments and new builds.

Forward planning is once again key to our success. Through experience, we are able to bring allot to the table, shortcutting the design process and minimising consultant fees by in-housing critical functions, such as electrical works.

From small suites in professional offices and health facilities, through to large complex CBD refurbishments, we bring our signature methodology of preplanning and offsite construction for seamless integration.

We offer fit-for-purpose teams, each with our own in-house Project Director and Project Manager, so that we can deliver on projects of all sizes, big and small, complex construction or simple maintenance.


At TWG, we understand that building and renovating homes can be stressful for our clients. Our commitment to consultation and understanding design intent, combined with our preplanning and seamless integration ensures a smooth run for our clients.

TWG brings its expert joinery supply chain, commitment to cost effective solutions, and detailed approach to planning and integration to this highly customised sector.

We provide dedicated teams, open communication and remain accessible and committed throughout the programme.

4000sqm manufacturing facility providing:

  • Carpentry
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Spray painting
  • CNC machining
  • Solid timber works
  • Electrical services

New build, fitout & refurbishment in the following key sectors:


Hospitality environments are our first love. In this high design environment, we bring our finely honed capacities for offsite fabrication and expert installations. We maintain strong and rich relationships with designers, ensuring that we embrace their design intent, whilst maintaining our commitment to our client for the most effective and efficient solutions.

TWG offers extensive industry knowledge or fabrication options + robust and rich supply chains. No design detail is too difficult. No fabrication too challenging.

We are committed to spectacular outcomes every time.


In the retail sector, wow-factor, durability and speed of completion are key considerations.

Our consultative presence, preferably early in the programme, enables us to manage lead times on design elements and to plan for a seamless integration in the construction phase.

As with hospitality, we have extensive experience in this sector, and we pride ourselves on our robust delivery capacity and our quality of outcome.


With the revolution in the education sector and the introduction of more open planning and new technologies, TWG is able to leverage its extensive experience in the commercial, hospitality and retail sectors to meet the diverse requirements of the education sector.

From new build construction through to refurbishment, fit out and maintenance programmes, TWG offers solutions, which are sensitive to the site conditions, patterns of use and safety requirements of these educational settings.