In this phase, we work to develop a detailed understanding of the vision for the project and ensure that the programme is well established and manageable. We do this through the following process:

  • Consultation with the client with the architectural drawings in hand.
  • Clear identification of the scope, including site visit and photos.
  • Full transparent itemisation of the costs of all scope and items.
  • Identification of a tight construction programme to meet the client’s business and personal objectives.
  • Submission of shop drawings of prefabricated items for approval, prior to construction.


  •  The Project Manager runs the site, ensuring that the scope of works is achieved and that the project runs according to programme.
  • The Project Director appoints one of our own internal Project Managers, to run the site.
  • The Project Manager maintains weekly email correspondence with the client and conducts weekly project meetings.


  •  The Project Manager conducts a site meeting with client and the architect to review the works.
  • All defects are documented for immediate attention.


We genuinely believe we are only as good as our last job, so we target delivery based on extremely high expectations – driving towards, therfore delivering project excellence for all parties involved.

"We manufacture offsite, completing as much as possible before installation to minimise on-site construction time and allow for rapid rectification on defects. It works well for our clients"

− Bill Elali